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We have always been very insistent when commenting on the importance of cover art for your music. Equal or more than the music itself. The visual power of cover art and the visual power it has can describe a lot about how your music is.

In other blogs, we give you a series of important advice so that your musical career gets a great impulse. Blogs like increasing your audience on Spotify or how to make your own cover art.

We could include many tips or very important requirements when choosing or making cover art. But we have taken the 5 most important ones under our criteria and they can help you a lot.

1- Visual recognition

Having an eye-catching and elaborate cover art will make many people recognize your music just by looking at your cover. Great visual recognition can make your covers viral and make your music accessible.

In this way, it is important that we give you a personal essence or elements that identify our music since it can also be a way to reach the audience and that even the graphic designers themselves try to work with us to show their art with our covers.

In an effort to stand out from the crowd, artists must create something that catches. Visuals to capture the viewer’s attention in a few seconds

2- Same effort as in our music

It’s not enough for us with cover art that makes us a friend of ours or that we design ourselves and because it has been beautiful we decide to use it for our music. That will say a lot about our work.

It is important that we invest time and money in getting a good cover. Look at various covers and think hard about what might be the ideal cover for our music. Taking the first one we see to get out of the way will not do us any good.

3- Graphic resources

Within the design process, if we are going to be the ones who design or create our own cover art, we must take into account that we must exploit all the possible graphic resources but without saturating them.

To do this, we must select graphic resources such as textures, templates, or gradients, we must choose those that have the highest visual quality and that break with the style used by other artists, look for resources on Internet pages and include them in your editor to create the perfect cover art.

4- Sense

Cover art is not to take a lot of graphic resources, use them all, but the artist and the song name and publish it. NO, a serious mistake, we must transmit something with our cover without filling it with elements that make us crazy, but elements that although they are few, being well placed, transmit the main idea of our music or single.

5- Knowledge

We refer to knowledge with the idea of knowing what is currently working within the music industry, what has worked before, and above all, what we should not do.

Look at other artists’ designs, extract ideas, follow graphic design pages, and look at the worst cover arts in history. With all these elements we will be able to know what is good for our cover art and what is not.

🏆Congratulations! With all these tips, you are ready to get to work or go to the Grafiksbox catalog, where you will find more than 1500 covers and you can create your totally customized cover art.


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We have always been very insistent when commenting on the importance of cover art for your music. Equal or more than the music itself. The

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